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fermented adj : having undergone fermentation; "hard cider" [syn: hard]

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  1. past of ferment


  1. Produced by fermentation.

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Fermentation may mean:
  • Fermentation (biochemistry), the process of energy production in a cell under anaerobic conditions (without oxygen)
  • Ethanol fermentation, a form of anaerobic respiration used primarily by yeasts when oxygen is not present in sufficient quantity for normal cellular respiration
  • Industrial fermentation, the breakdown and re-assembly of biochemicals for industry, often in aerobic growth conditions
In food science, fermentation may mean:
  • Fermentation (food), the conversion of carbohydrates into alcohols or acids under anaerobic conditions used for making certain foods
  • Fermentation (wine), the process of fermentation commonly used in winemaking
  • Fermentation (beer), the process of fermentation commonly used in brewing beer.
  • Fermentation (tea), the name used in the tea industry for the aerobic treatment of tea leaves to break down certain unwanted chemicals and modify others to develop the flavour of the tea
Ferment may refer to:
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